November 15, 2013

Mom-Invented Friday...I have an idea..Now what?

You have an idea...Now what?  I get asked this question quite often.

Having no background in business or bringing a product to market, I had no idea what came next. 

My daughter was born in July of 2009, by the end of October I was juggling with a coat, car seat and diaper bag while running my errands.  My "a-ha" moment came during one of those crazy trips where I was down to 4 items, each fitting into the pockets of my jeans.  I thought "I need to get a bag that attaches to the car seat so I can carry my wallet, keys and bottle for the baby".
I popped onto the internet but wasn't able to find anything that would fit my needs, so my next step was to dust off my sewing machine and make myself a bag that I attached onto the car seat.

It was not the best looking thing, but it had potential.  While looking at this bag, I realized that maybe...just maybe if I had this problem, then other parents might be going through the same issue.

And so began my roller coaster journey into becoming a mompreneur and bringing the SeatPak to market.

With the first professionally sewn prototype of the SeatPak

Here we are, back to...I have an idea...Now what?

I would advise to begin on the internet.  Research to see if your "idea" is already on the market.  If it is not then you will have to decide if this is something you are passionate enough to want to make into a reality.  It will be a tough road, we live in a world where we need to see quick results, bringing a product to market is not a place where you will want to rush.

If your "idea" is already on the market don't get discouraged.  I had a few ideas after the birth of my son in 2004, one of which I did nothing about and saw on the market a few years later.  It took me a few more years before "the one" came along.

Perhaps your "idea" is of something that is already on the market but you are improving on it somehow.

Whatever it is.  Are you willing to put in the hard work to bring your "idea" to market.  If the answer is yes then your next step will be to protect your work before moving forward.

Stay tuned.  Next week...How to protect my invention

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