November 19, 2013

Crafty Tuesday

Many of you have started Holiday shopping.  A few lucky ones are done!  I am neither of those, although the Christmas bug has started to nip, I am waiting for the full effect to take place right after Thanksgiving.  I like enjoying one holiday at a time.  Christmas being one of my favorites.  I LOVE everything about it. 

This year I am looking for a few crafty items to make as gifts.  My new favorite site as I have mentioned before is Pinterest Mom.  Great Ideas!

This one will be for my mother who will be visiting us this Christmas

I will be saving this one for a snowy day this December 

Wonder if I can somehow transfer the kids baby footprints for this one

My favorite!  I love hearing the kids remember who gave them which gift.  Now it will be saved  as an ornament.
Can you share some of your crafty ideas?
***All of these photos and ideas were used from Pinterest Mom's FB page

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