November 4, 2013

Best Books to read during Pregnancy

I was 31 and pregnant. Now what? 

I knew nothing about babies!  I had changed a diaper once on a 2 year old and had to do it while holding my breath, by the time I was done there were tears streaming down my face, the gagging reflex in full mode and one quite little boy with a "crazy lady alert" look on his face.  I think I was 30 at the time.

So I hit the book store and came out with What to expect when you're Expecting.  It was a God send.  It took me month by month of what to expect and also covered a little of what to expect with my body after delivery.

As I got further into my pregnancy, I had a few moments of panic as to what to DO with the baby after he was born.  I found What to expect the First Year.  It was a wealth of information from what baby would do month to month, things to look for in milestones, information what to expect when baby is sick, what foods to feed and so much more.

I also loved the books written by Gary Ezzo.  His Babywise books taught me about schedule feeding vs demand feeding.  I had Post Partum Depression, so scheduling helped me differentiate my baby's crying, making things a little less stressful while my meds kicked in to stabilize my panic attacks.

Lastly, don't forget to get one for the dad to be.  A good one is The Expectant Father.

Books are a wonderful resource, but once your baby comes your instinct will take over as well.  You will do just fine!  Take a breath and enjoy your pregnancy.  Your baby will be here in a blink.

Do you have any books that you would recommend to other parents-to-be?

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