April 26, 2013

Featured Friday MomPreneur: Betsy Johnson

Mom Creates Stylish and Award-Winning Baby Must Have Sun Protective Swimwear
Featured Friday Mom’Preneur:  Betsy Johnson  
Skin Cancer survivor. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Wife. Mom. Friend. Designer. Creator. Mompreneur. These are all words that can explain a little of Betsy’s life.

Betsy’s skin cancer diagnosis hit her like a ton of bricks.  I was just 26 years old and living a very healthy life.  Cancer at that point was absolutely unimaginable.  And, yet, it was all to true.  I cried and cried and cried.  Kleenex made a small fortune off me during that time!
You can see Betsy here talk about her the new 2013 SwimZip Line:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtDd8IE1wNU
But the truth was, while all Betsy had to show from the cancer was a large scar on her back, she was not the same woman that she was before the cancer.  The corporate world had lost its luster and she realized that she actually been presented with was an opportunity to do something meaningful with my life.  She enjoyed working in the corporate world, but here was a chance to help others avoid her fate – and maybe even save lives.  With the conviction that comes from knowing without a doubt that you are doing something right, she dove headfirst into the world of UPF sun protective clothing … and thus was born SwimZip. http://www.SwimZip.com  


Parents love SwimZip and even celebrity parents too.  SwimZip, like all of the SwimZips today, are chlorine-resistant swim shirt with UV 50+ protection and a full-length zipper that made taking it on and off easy for all involved.  The zippers have a protective flap so as not to catch the skin and the seams are flat-stitched so there is no chaffing.

Betsy’s “a-ha” moment came while sitting on the beach and brother started complaining about how his daughter, Maryella, hated taking on and off her swim shirt just as much as she hated having sunscreen applied to her body.  My brother would not let Maryella go play in the sun without sun protection, though.  Her blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin make the perfect combination for sun burns.  It was from this problem that SwimZip was born.  With a pair of scissors I cut Maryella’s swim shirt down the front and fastened it back together with safety pins.  All of a sudden, the shirt was a breeze to take on and off.  I thought I might be on to something.

A zipper in place of the safety pins was an obvious change, but still I had so many questions going through my mind. How would I manufacture these?  What type of design would I like?  How would I promote this new product?  How would I fund the project and take it to market?  Why would parents and kids like my product enough to buy it? I was burning the candle from both ends with my corporate job and SwimZip, and I loved it!

Betsy’s passion is to keep kids sun safe and adults now too.  SwimZip will be creating into adult sizes this summer.  Parents lead by example, so parents zipping on their UV 50+ sun protective swimwear is key – and SwimZip will have stylish adult size SwimZips that can be worn all summer long and even while walking in the sun!   

A Little More About The Johnson Family:

Betsy -- Proud Mommy, fun Wife and Friend of many
Matt – Daddy-o, attentive father except during March Madness, NFL, and College Football Season (especially KU Basketball and Kansas Football)
Baby A, 9 Months – An adventurous one, knows what he wants and how to get it, confident, creative, loves to read, and knows how to make his mommy smile
SwimZIp is sold in various stores and online at http://www.swimzip.com/shop%20link.htm and is available in 12 different styles!
SwimZip also sells wholesale to stores!  If you’re interest in wholesale kids swimsuits please let us know!   http://www.swimzip.com/wholesale.htm
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