November 8, 2013

MomInvented Friday - BARE® air-free baby bottle

MomInvented Friday is all about introducing you to a mom-invented product.  Ones that will make your parenting life easier, they are simple and functional.

If you are planning to bottle feed this bottle is one to consider adding to your registry.

The BARE® air-free baby bottle was designed and created by a breastfeeding mom that closely experienced the screaming and endless gas/colic pains from her baby when she introduced baby bottles due to a low milk supply. Nipple confusion was not a myth for Priska Diaz after her baby learned to prefer the bottle over her breast, thus leading to a 100% bottle fed baby without even getting a chance for her milk to come in. As a result of her frustration, Priska developed a baby bottle which incorporates technology that works like a syringe. 

The BARE® air-free baby bottle dispenses air-free milk to your baby and effectively minimizes air ingestion that causes gas and colic. A Perfe-latch® nipple is designed to stretch in length during feeding – just like a mother’s nipple.  The Perfe-latch® nipple has a tip with multiple differently sized orifices which dispense different amounts with different suction strengths in order to help minimize nipple confusion.

Bare features an Air-plug®, acting like the syringe’s plunger.  When baby applies suction, the Air-plug® moves to keep an air-free environment. BARE® works with suction as opposed to gravity, therefore baby can feed in any position, including upright.
The upright feeding position is recommended by Pediatricians to:

1.     Help prevent gas, colic, fuss and spit ups;
2.     Calm acid Reflux/GERDS symptoms;
3.     Help prevent ear infections;
4.     Proper posture for the baby, which allows for better digestion;
5.     Development of early self-feeding skills; and
6.     Easier weaning later on and/or the transition to straws and open cups.

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Priska Diaz

Priska Diaz at her BARE® air-free baby bottle warehouse

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Name: Priska Diaz
Title: Founder & CEO
Business: Bittylab, LLC 
Product: Bare air-free baby bottles
Twitter: @bittylab
Facebook: Bittylab
Pinterest: Bittylab

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