November 22, 2013

Mom-Invented Friday - Magnificent Baby

I met Lauren, founder of Magnificent Baby a couple of years ago at the HUGGIES booth at the ABC Kids Expo.  It was one of those "WOW, that is GENIUS" moments.  She has since become a friend and I am excited to introduce you to her products if you don't already know about them.
Magnificent Baby is a collection of ultra soft baby clothing that will have your little one dressed in seconds. 
You know those middle of night feeding and diaper changings that turn into a struggle to put together snaps, to then have to re-do them because you missed a snap.  Well you don't have to do that anymore!  The Smart Close magnetic fasteners practically close themselves!
I absolutely love the How it Works page on her site! Pop on over and see how it works.
Lauren has also recently become a mommy herself and understands that a smooth delivery begins with a "going in prepared" approach.  She was generous enough to put together the best Hospital Packing List to make your hospital stay the best experience you can have.
Thank You Lauren!
Congrats on the newest addition to your family and thank you for your amazing products that make dressing baby a little easier to manage.
**Please visit for more on their collection of baby products.

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